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The Battle-field Community Advocacy [BCA]


The Battle-field Community Advocacy [BCA] is a division of the Multi-concept, community based think tank & advocacy group mandated to alleviate poverty and promote safe medication. Many of the less priviledged population living in rural hard to reach areas as well as in the streets of cities have little or no food to eat and significant number still develop sickness, get worst and die without proper medical attention.

BCA identifies the vulnerable, locate the suitable donors, and link the donors and the vulnerable. BCA also helps diseminate research results to the relevant target population in the communities for acceptance and uptake including safe self medication with both prescript drugs and herbal alternatives

Organizing and community engagement

We help people to build power at the base under the close supervision of relevant agencies of Government. Centre for Intercultural Organizing reviews community cultures and employs the services of experts to help people better appreciate their own culture in a way that such culture be better understood and accepted by government, and government will also better understand and appreciate such culture and gets ready to work with the relevant traditional rulers. We also work to promote the relationship between traditional rulers and the lay community members. We believe the unity and understanding between the traditional rulers, the people and the government will bring peace to the society and that is our ultimate goal appeased


This is one instrument we hope to use to gather opinions or voices in support of or opposition to a current law or proposal. All we want is to mobilize the people and encourage them to understand what the traditional rulers, governments and legisslators are doing. They people when properly enlightened can object or support laws made to govern them

Letters of support

Organizations are part of the community that house them and so are equally affected by the laws of the land as they affect the society.  These letters are signed to show support or opposition to laws just like the community.

Rally  near the state house 

Hosting a gathering of members or supporters at the state house or nation’s Capitol at the full glare of the legislators, it can be a great way to engage your followers, get them more and more interested in advocacy, and get them more acquainted with the legislative process from the beginning till when a law is passed and it becomes a law. It also helps increase awareness about issues being pressed for by the center for advocacy on behalf of the community. In relation with lawmakers.

Art and culture

We intend to explore and use community art projects as a fun and out of the box way to raise awareness about your issues we advocate for on behalf of the community. We intend to host concerts with songs about our community directed issue or have an art contest with images that raise awareness about community directed issue.

Community-law makers integration

It is clear that legislators usually pay attention to the reaction they get from their constituents who elected them in the first place. We intend to encourage our supporters to write to or call their legislators over issues they think deserves the attention of the law makers because it can have a big impact. Organizing a peaceful Marches — can create a powerful visual image about the support for ther issue we are helping the community push for. They will likely be picked up by the media and seen by a wide audience.

Consotia and coalitions

We intend to identify and link up with like-minded individuals that share the same goal as our community directed opinions that we are helping them to achieve. It is a chance to can increase the number of people and voices supporting the cause we are cmpioning, as well as the amount of resources dedicated to achieving your goal.

Education of Legislators:

Advocacy here entails we provide information on issues. We can organize a community network or movement that provides a for a where the community lay bare their minds on real time issues concerning them. This data can be the bases for which legislators formulate bills to represent the opinion of the populace. Our experience in grassroot data mining, and analysis gives us leverage and competitive advantage to provide this service for the people. This can be the basis for good governance.

Public Enlightenment about the Legislative Process:

It is one thing to formulate policies and its another thing to deliver it effectively to the community and expect them to integrate the policies into their daily routines for smooth running of the community. Advocacy here entails oe used to bridge the gap between legislative and grass root agenda. Our advocacy program provides the platform for smooth policy implementation, monitoring and evaluation. When communities have the opportunity to meet legislators face to face and discuss the issues that affect their everyday lives, legislators receive the tools they need to represent their communities,

 Centre for Poverty alleviation

Advocacy at this level shows the facts that in the communities, there are skills and untapped potentials that can be harnessed at a very cheap rate to impact the lives of many. On the other hand, there are donors that are interested in grassroot development projects. And many of them have funds to support these projects. Mapping the community needs in a systematic way that allows donors to may decisions on what to fund will be of profound importance in the eventual overall efforts reduce poverty at the community level or to get people off the streets.

One prototype project proposal we are working on is our “one man one garden” initiative. Criteria for selection are laid out to ensure wide spread representation of families. The central objective is to deliver some nutrients to as many families are possible, using their untapped potentials to occupy fallow lands in their neibouhood.

We hope expect this project will prepare the ground for our next idea which is “one group one farm”


Advocacy research entails producing relevant resources that reflect the real story of your community. The overall activity involves asking hard questions and using modern technologies to find the solutions very fast. Our conclusions are based on the results of our investigations. When the peoples need are identified, synthesized and analyzed, implementation because easy and the overall impact on people’s lives becomes imminent. Our grass root mapping of poverty related challenges covers health, social and environmental issues

Organizing rallies

Advocacy also entails mobilize for the cause we represent. We can organize a community-oriented rally that will emphasis community evident needs. Such rallies are carefully monitored to ensure it is not hijacked for different agenda by people that has different intentions not about the community development and wellbeing.

Fund raising: We intend to ask everyone who share our ideas and approves our goals to donate money, resources or time to support the community directed goals we are pushing for so as to foster faster actualization of the objectives of this issues we are working for.

Public enlightenment campaign

Advocacy entails also educate the community on the issues we represent. Rights for All People. There are lots of this to educate the community about so as to make governance better. One such points include nonpartisan voter education where we inform the electorate on the issues regard voting rights and participation in community affairs. We also get involved in nonpartisan voter mobilization because we do not belong to any party but we do this as our corporate responsibility to the communities.

Educational conferences

This activity is an advocacy strategy where we bring together, network, share information, and plan for the future. We also organize educational training programs to support skill acquisition that will empower the community dwellers to take action about the ire destinies. Under our advocacy program the community is accouraged to acquire skills that will impact their well being

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Community Advocacy [BCA]

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