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The Battle-field Education Resources


The Battle-field Education Resources is a division of the Multi-concept mandated to provide support for the education needy population from all fields human endeavors including but not limited to schools, businesses, communities, civil society organizations, industries, professional bodies and all related stakeholders.

Everyone need education enlightenment just like education needs everyone. The COVID-19 have revolutionized the approaches for skill and knowledge acquisition making virtual reality a very important tool for learning. BER provides capacity building with both physical and online learning resources, quality literature, Good study habits, Time management, Professional development and analysis of provided data

Quality literature

Good learning depends in part on quality of literature provided to enhance specialized knowledge on a particular thematic area. We are going to provide access large electronic database and easily searchable by topics to help learners access all relevant data needed to effect good learning.  We know there are restrictions to databases with information to encourage good leaning but these databases are restricted to registered users after some kind of institutional payments.

There are many open access databases that has equally good research results that can form the basis of many sound research endeavours with policy implication. Unfornately many leaners especially in the developing world already poisoned by the facts that good journals are restricted for payments  may not take time to discovered other equally good databases that can be of help. We intend to fill this gap.

Our approach

We will also mediate between restricted journals and donors so we can encourage donors to pay for access to this databases so that it can be free for the less represented. We intend to serve as institution for those without institutions so that our members can enjoy institutional subceriptions for these database so that at the end we have a win win sitiation

Time management good study habits

Time management goes with good study habit because property allocation of study time in relation to thematic topics with a study time table interjected with appropriate breaks and thought-provoking exercise will promote good cognition and comprehension.  We believe that proper time management will give maximum time for study while allocation time for breaks and extra curricular activities

Professional development

This is organized in the form of meetings that will offer the chance for professionals to showcase their talents in various areas of professional competences. This encourages expertise and skill enhancement that has ultimate benefit to the end users.  Data provided are analyzed effectively helping the stakeholders to have a better grab of topics being discussed.

Online library of books

There are many digital online libraries of books that may be needed for effective leaning. Just like the Journal articles, we intend to get access to the restrictions will negotiating for mass access based on the number of our members . This hopefully will boost the quality of learning and associated outcome.

Access to Special Journals

We have access to Special Journals database and our readers can download full length articles in various disciplines for their research.

The Special Journals Group [SJG] is a Educational library of highly professional peer-reviewed, not for profit, open access journals in Clinical, Biomedical, Arts, Engineering Physical Sciences, Socialogy, Education, Environmental Science, law, and more with the ultimate goal and mandate of publishing excellent databases for sustainable development

Special Journals Group Mandate

Special Journals Group is mandated to provide and promote

  • Transparency in publication etiquette
  • Peer-reviewed data integrity and novelty
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Development and sustainability
  • Peer-reviewed Research design innovations
  • Discovery and advancement in all fields listed within the group
  • Data storage, retrieval, and use
  • A global open-access database
  • Bridging the gap between translational and implementation Science
  • Swelling the volume of available and accessible open-access published research

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Education Resources [BER]

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