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... like the Mustard Seed

Background of Battle-field Evangelistic Association

The Battle-field Evangelistic Association [BEA] is the religiousely inclined division of the Multi-concept designed to upgrade the Universal moral principles of teenagers, prisoners, sick, and the naive lay person. We do this for all people using Christian principles,  because we know that aligning the body of man to work in tanderm with the spirit and soul gurrantee universal peace


The school aged teenagers have both physical, mental and social developmental needs that alters what he or she becomes interested in. These changes also come with many questions which must be handled with care so as not to set a bad example to the growing teenagers. The mission of Battle-field Evangelistic association to these population is to lay spiritual foundation using Christian Bible principles.

This works well to guide the growing school aged teenagers to give answers to their developing abstract thoughts, goals, defined by their abilities to: think and set independent personal life agenda, long term and short-term objectives and to take a stand as they compare themselves with their peers.

The Battle-field Evangelistic Association [BEA] want to impact their capacity make the right decision as they seek independence from parents in favor of peer pressure, acceptance and integration. This is the platform they think will help them answer sensitive questions such as types of relationships in response to developing new body changes,

The teenagers are encouraged to take on the new challenges as they emerge, being alert of self even when in groups, stress, clearly outlined dos and don’ts and time management among others


The Battle-field Evangelistic Association [BEA] encourage peaceful reintegration to the society as they prisoners gets ready to leave the prison. What runs in the mind of many prisoners or those incarcerated and are awaiting trial is vengians and bitterness. With this in mind many freed prisoners jump back to the cycle of crime that brought them to prison in the first place.

The Battle-field Evangelistic Association [BEA] want to break this cycle with soul winning evangelistic  messages and activities. This is envisioned to help many counties where such re-inegration programs are not found and we want to strengthen countries with existent programs for this same purpose. This moral standard, forgiveness and peace is the panacea for high crime rates and confusion in the world

The sick

A sick person wonders if God is a fair God and why he allows some people to suffer sickness and others go free. His eyes is only focused on injustices located on the surface of the earth and they quickly forget good times when God showed his kindness upon them. The mission of the  Battle-field Evangelistic Association [BEA] is to tell them the Lord is Good all the time.


Watch the Zip-UP channel on Youtube and share the videos with your contacts. Subscribe to the zip-up Channel for more videos streaming live for your inspiration, self control and spiritual growth.

Too early!

Its not too early or too late to be visited by God. God made a 7 yrs King of Israel.

Elijah prayed!

Elijah is human who stopped the rain for 31/2 yrs , we also can do more!

Why Zip-up!

Zip-up is about self control and respect for God. Watch and be blessed!

Great sin!

Matters that can not be forgotten by God must be settled while we are alive!

God saves!

Suddenly! God sent earthquake to warn, enough is enough!

We toiled !

Toil your way to tears but favor your way to Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

Beware! Dogs!

Demonic Spiritual dogs are here to kills but Jesus gives life in abundance

Help denied!

Our helpers should look the other side not us, our help is denied!

Love 4 Christ!

We are different because we are ruled by our love for Jesus Christ!

No offence!

Blessed is the one who is not offended by me

Healing bread

Healing is children bread, Be His child and be healed!

He knows!

Your heavenly father knows what you need even before you ask!

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Evangelistic Association [BEA]

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