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The Battle-field information center [BIC]


The Battle-field information center [BIC] is the division of the Multi-concept assigned to provide the most reliable information to bridge the unmet needs of society. We know that an informed society is empowered to overcome the next-generation challenges. Jobs, breaking news, conferences, real-estates, new holiday destinations, research bench spaces, institutional, individual, and services rankings are just but the few areas that the world needs information to make decisions

Logistics Information Services [BLIS]

BLIS will partner with the Battle-field Logistics Services [BLS] is the division of the Multi-concept initiative, where expert and highly professional information center for corporate or individual entities that seek such services. In the case of logistic information services, it deals with quality information about supply chains of goods and services to ensure they get from production point to consumption point in a timely and efficient manner to the satisfaction of the customer. Our information services may include but not limited to: Analysis, evaluation, needs assessment, and obs, breaking news, conferences, real-estates, new holiday destinations, research bench spaces, institutional, individual and services

The Battle-field Research and information Group [BRIG]

BRIC will partner with the Battle-field Research Group [BRG] is the division of the Multi-concept that provides the best information center for enhancing capacity building, sourcing for, competition, and grant implementation. We may invest millions in businesses that could have been avoided especially when failure is looming but without information updates, we may be out of touch with the trend of events needed for success and this is good for business where it can be afforded. The main reason for consultancy as part of our business line to reduce losses and maximize profit in the establishments of our clients.

The Battle-field information Centers of Excellence [BICE]

The Battle-field Centers of Excellence [BCE] provides the best information center on competent and result-oriented leadership, best practices, research, support, and/or capacity building for a broad but defined thematic area with the ultimate goal of establishing a gold standard of how things should be and outlines why things should be the way they are outlined. Investors and donors seem mostly confident when dealing with government agencies and parastatals. The unmet needs of the locales continue to skyrocket despite government efforts to clamp it down. This confirms the urgency and need for an independent body that will provide quality information to the citizenry when and where needed.

The Battle-field Information and Community advocacy [BICA]

The Battle-field Information and Community Advocacy [BICA] provides a quality information center that teaches how best to alleviate poverty and promote safe medication. Many of the less privileged population living in rural hard-to-reach areas as well as in the streets of cities have little or no food to eat and a significant number still develop sickness, get worst and die without proper medical attention.

BICA provides an information center for how to identify the vulnerable, locate the suitable donors, and link the donors and the vulnerable. BICA also helps provide advice on how best to disseminate research results to the relevant target population in the communities for acceptance and uptake including safe self-medication with both prescript drugs and herbal alternatives

The Battle-field Information and Education Resources [BERC]

The Battle-field information and Education Resources [BER] provides expert advice and support for the education needy population from all fields of human endeavors including but not limited to schools, businesses, communities, civil society organizations, industries, professional bodies, and all related stakeholders. Everyone needs education enlightenment just like education needs everyone.

The COVID-19 have revolutionized the approaches for skill and knowledge acquisition making virtual reality a very important tool for learning. BIER provides advice on capacity building with both physical and online learning resources, quality literature, Good study habits, Time management, Professional development, and analysis of provided data.


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Information center [BIC]

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