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Battle-field Logistics services [BLS]


The Battle-field Logistics Services [BLS] is the division of the Multi-concept assigned to manage supply chains including sourcing and distribution of goods and services to ensure they get from production point to consumption point in a timely and efficient manner and to the satisfaction of the customer. The Battle-field Logistics Services [BLS] services may include but not limited to: tracking services, best airline deals, refurbished equipment, diagnostics and more


We want to reduce or eliminate out of stock complaints in health care services centers all over the world. We will establish a robust local and international coureer cosortia that will see that medicine are supplied the healthcare providers, when needed, where needed, how needed and at the right place, and rght time. We hope to work with ministries of health for each country and other health care outlets to achieve this objective


Disease detection remain the bedrock of effective planning for epidemiologic disease distribution. It therefore becomes imperative that diagnostics and delivered, to the right diagnostic points on time and at a affordable cost. This will impact disease management competence of the service providers involved


Airlines remain the quickest and popular way of moving things as well as people. We want to play a part in arranging air travels as well as helping customers to get the best deal that suits their plan


We want to establish a tracking system that will help inform people about movement of good and services irrespective of the company involved


We will be interested in equipment  movement  from one place to another especially from manufacturers to consumer.


Logistic issue takes significant percentage of the reasons for management meetings in many institutions.  Any service provider that can bring organizations together despite inherent rivalries especially in the area of logistic corporation to help products enter the market successfully will be a very welcome development

Systems update

Our capacity building and system integration helps key relevant officers to open up and reveal vital information that can help us achieve excellency in our defined logistic services.


\We have consortia of experts to fill any gap that will query our services and challenge our excellency in logistics beyond all expectations. Our competence and performance in handling stock-outs and emergency surprises is excellently beyond expectation

Customer needs

We have expertise in the management of customers relationships with organizations supply chain. Our customer needs assessment systematic surveys generate real-time information on product availability and timing. This information is fed into the company’s production and distribution operations thereby making customers hold organizations in high esteem

Products development

We are also able to study suppliers and customers together so that the suitable products must be developed and successfully launched with shorter time schedules, a quality that firms need to remain competitive. Our logistic services in this regard helps organizations with a research based real time support in their routine  planning, scheduling, and supporting manufacturing operations, and maximum efficiency in the coordination of organizations physical distribution operations

Operations outsourced services

Services that have been provided in-house can be obtained from outside when organizations want to strive for excellency in services provision. Thus, the organizations will increasingly focus on those activities in the value chain in which the organizations have a typical advantage and subcontract every other thing.

 Performance appraisal

If we can utilize supplier competences and highlight a long-term supply-chain viewpoint in customer dealings, then we are sure to impact organizational performance. The Logistics of performance appraisal remains imperative as logistics competency emerges as key to success in creating and maintaining competitive advantage or any organization

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Logistics services [BLS]

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