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... like the Mustard Seed

The Battle-field Multi-concept Initiative

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The Battle-field Multi-concept Initiative


You are welcome to the Battle-field Multi-concept Initiative. This is global initiative that was designed to help everyone everywhere to discover and trust the potentials in them no matter the condition and no matter the circumstances they may find themselves, because we know that inherent and/or inborn qualities, competence, courage and dedication to their resolve is enough to bring out the amazing wonders just like the Mustard seed. When we look at the promise of the mustard seed we will know that everyone has the greatness potentials in them waiting to be activated for success

The Battle-field origin

The Battle-field Multi-concept Initiative is an initiative that takes its lesson from the popular mustard seed. The Mustard seed is the smallest seed of all seeds but when it grows it is the biggest and strongest of all in the forest to the extent that many birds comes around to take shade and make their nests in its branches. Even humans and other non plant species comes for one or two assistance from the mustard seed. Millet , maize, rye, coconut, ground nut, and other seeds all have great advantages at the point of planting, after planting until they are all germinated.

The mandate

The Battle-field Multi-concept Initiative is a post-pandemic initiative that began as a result of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that changed the way things were done, killed many and rendered many helpless. The clear global mandate of Battle-field Multi-concept Initiative is to help people discover or rediscover their inborn potentials and capacity to face the post pandemic challenges so as to haver good success and property.

Our Philosophy

We believe everyone has the potential for good success, all conditions being equally. We therefore want to partner with all people to discover the natural characteristics and skill they have to succeed. We know that this vision and mission has great success potential and implication for a peace and calm society because helping people to realise and ignite their inborn success potentials is good business, healthy, and beneficial to both the society and the world at large.

There are initial streams used to launch the idea for the world to see what we are doing and what we intend to do and we have the potential of expanding the horizon to cover many thematic areas provided that the focus remain to bring out the best in people . We therefore invite all to join us as we take the world to the level where solf empowerment and drive for inborn potential discovery overtakes the desire for desire for disorderliness in the society

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