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Centers of Excellence [BCE]


Every organizarion looks deperately for innovation because they know its one of the elements that can provide the competitive advantage they need to be on top of the others doing the same types of business. The facts that routine practice and business as usual will not bring this innovation to make this needed difference.

On the other hand majority of the professionals are looking for the right place to show their expertise for maximum yield. Thw challenge here is how to put the round pegs in the round holes and encouraging the pegs and the holes to work in tanderm to generate the much needed competitive advantage

Our ultimate goal is to establish centers of excellence in the selected thematic areas listed below. The overall idea is to provide expertise that will support the running, growing and transformation of the businesses for maximum profit.

Our partners and our pool of skilled professionals are ready to take up the responsibilities of providing excellent services in the listed areas below to bring about the much needed innovations. This is expected to bring about the turn around magic needed to boost the profile or any organization providing the competitive advantage needed to be on top.

The Battle-field Centers of Excellence [BCE] is a division of the Multi-concept that seeks to provides competent and result oriented leadership, best practices, research, support and/or capacity building for a broad but defined thematic area with the ultimate goal of establishing a gold standard

The unmet needs of the locales continue to skyrocket despite government efforts to clamp it down. This supports the urgency and need for an independent body that will  provide  direct services to the citizenry when and where needed. That is


Centers of excellence in Logistics Services will manage supply chains in a timely and efficient manner to the satisfaction of the customer. Our services may include but not limited to: tracking services, best areline deals, refurbished equipment, diagnostics and more


Centers of excellence in Research is assigned to develop and build capacity, source for, compete, win and implement grants. The dynamics of our changing society needs cutting-edge technologies and providing the correct answers to questions about our environment will help us reduce mortality, impact the environment and improves the socio-economic wellbeing of the populace.


Centers of excellence in information management will provide most reliable information to bridge the unmet information needs of the society including but not limited to Jobs, breaking news, conferences, real-estates, new holiday destinations, research bench spaces, institutional, individual, services rankings and many more. We want to help the stakeholders with the right information to make the right decissions


Centers of excellence in Concultancy Services, will provide professional consultancy services in the area of: Capacity building, Medical, Pharmaceutical, , Diagnostic, Legal, financial, Real-estates, Enginering, Education, Eletrical electronics, Certificate verification and equation and more.

Community Advocacy  

Centers of excellence in Community Advocacy will alleviate poverty and promote safe medication, for many of the less priviledged population living in rural hard to reach areas as well as in the streets of cities with ittle or no food to eat and significant number still develop sickness, get worst and die without proper medical attention. We want to give peoples lives more meaning

 Education Resources 

Centers of excellence in Education Resources will  provide support for the education needy population from all fields of human endeavors including but not limited to schools, businesses, communities, civil society organizations, industries, professional bodies and all related stake holders. We want to set the gold standard for education success for all people


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Centers of Excellence [BCE]

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